Today we recognize and celebrate our High School and College Graduates! What a wonderful season of life to close one chapter and begin another. We know that God has great plans for each of these students and we are grateful to be a part of their lives!

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

In Christ,

Pastor Nathan

High School Graduates

Colton Clark

Mitchell Crawford

Ian Dailey

Cameron Goldsmith

Jobi Hill

Brayden Ledford

Katelyn Wilson

College Graduates

Dillon Ledford

Sophia Parrish

Paul Rigsby

I have the distinct honor to welcome seven men into the Deacon Ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, serving the Families of Trinity Baptist Church. Every man being ordained today has been prayerfully considered for months and through intense prayer and spiritual vetting process, I have peace that this group of men are ready to serve. The Bible sets the standard and the qualifications for these men and their position is not to be taken lightly. Their task and their role in the church is a vital part of a spiritually healthy church.

I want to thank each man and his wife for their faithfulness and dedication to the Lord. These are men and women that can be trusted and when they speak, teach or lead, they do it as men and women that are full of faith and full of the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord for our Deacons! Help me welcome the following men into our Deacon Ministry:

Terry McCoy

Mark Letterman

Darin Hudgins

David West

Chris Peluyera

Morris Childers*

Rev. James Robertson*

*Previously ordained in other ministries or capacities

Pastor Winston Parrish

We thank the Lord for the incredible doors being opened to directly impact the people who are in dire need in the Ukraine. 

This past week, through your support and prayers, we were able to directly support efforts to care for thousands of refugees.  Not only did we bring them help financially, we were also able to buy hundreds of pounds of food for frontline soldiers, purchase critical items like tools, socket sets and drills for repair of cars, homes and church buildings, outfit young men from a church in Ukraine that were sent to the front lines this past Thursday, and supply 100 tactical tourniquets and trauma dressings for units under fire even while we were in country. 

We aided a Christian camp in Romania to buy food, diapers and supplies, as they are feeding and caring for over 60 refugees, mostly women and children. We were able to financially support the incredible team of people that God has on the ground there, taking the gospel message of Hope in a hopeless situation. 

Trinity, I want to thank you for praying, giving and supporting AidUkraine and the ministries that are making it happen in the name of Jesus Christ! It’s been wonderful to see Trinity, Ralph Sexton Ministries and Hearts With Hands come together on such a large scale for the Lord.

Pastor Winston Parrish

I want to personally thank you for your heart of love and support for the victims of the brutal war in Eastern Europe. This entire conflict is a sad and avoidable reality that never had to happen in the first place. The political aspect of any war has to always remain secondary to the heart of the Christian.  The fact is, there are over 5 million people who have been displaced due to the war, most of them leaving home with only the clothes on their backs, and their earthly possessions reduced to a few plastic bags or a backpack.

We’ve witnessed an incredible undertaking by God’s people to step up to the plate and answer the call for help.  I’m pleased to report that as of Thursday of this past week, seven tractor trailer loads of supplies have departed from the Hearts with Hands warehouse for Ohio.  As of today, all the supplies have arrived safely and are now being processed and labeled per European Union Customs protocol, to be transferred to Poland then carried by truck to the Ukraine. A large portion of the supplies will be taken to the warzone by air.

We were also able to designate an entire shipping container of supplies for Camp Cristi in Romania.  This camp has been housing, feeding, and caring for dozens of Ukrainian families since the war began.  Many of these families are Jews who are seeking relocation back to Israel where they will continue their lives.

We praise the Lord for His blessing, His leadership and His provision that allowed all of this to come to fruition.  It makes my heart leap for joy to see three ministries come together with the same focus and same vision for the glory of God! Let’s continue to pray for Ukraine and all the people who are in harm’s way.

This year has been filled with wonderful services, lives being changed and new opportunities to serve!

Celebrate Recovery continues with new energy to impact special needs in the lives of many. We are blessed to have such a committed team of volunteers.

Our new Grief support group, GriefShare, opened with a wonderful response. Annette Anderson has taken the leadership role for the new ministry and has already blessed many broken hearts!

The Men’s Fishing trip was special this year. The men met for a special service at Wrightsville Beach’s, Silver Gull Resort, late in the evening in the shadow of the famous Johnnie Mercer’s Fishing Pier, we honored the life of David Hensley, Sr. The men formed a horseshoe of prayer into the ocean, as we helped David Hensley honor his dad!

Ladies’ prayer groups are growing in numbers and faithful prayers cover our church families. We thank the Lord for their love for all of us!

My joy has been working with the Heritage Keepers this year. The Bible study every Wednesday morning has been a highlight of my week. The planned trip to the Ark filled the bus in just 48 hours. We are looking forward to Pastor Winston and Miranda hosting the Keepers on Wednesday, May 25th at Lake Julian for a picnic.

Just a sample of the many blessings here at our church!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph Sexton