In life there are people who just can’t be duplicated or emulated. They are a special breed, a once in a lifetime relationship or  acquaintance.  For me, Tim Lee is one of those few men.  I’ve known Tim all my life and I’ve always seen him as a hero, a soldier, a real life John Wayne and a preacher. I mean no disrespect in that, as a child I thought John Wayne was the toughest man to ever breathe air.

Every time I’ve ever been around Tim he has been the same.  He is consistent in his concern, loving in his tone and always ready to share Jesus with anyone willing to listen.  Even in the midst of great family tragedy during the untimely passing of his Granddaughter, Ally, Tim, Connie and the entire Lee Family stood strong in their Faith and continued on for Christ in the face of great loss.

Dr. Tim Lee is a war hero, a Purple Heart recipient, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a friend. He’s a Bible preaching lover of the truth. Tim paid a high premium for freedom and he’s willing to tell the story for God’s Glory.

Today, Miranda and I are honored to host A man who has made a difference, my good friend, Dr. Tim Lee.

Pastor Winston Parrish

Dear Church Family,

It’s been a wonderful few weeks in the Lord.  We’ve seen God’s hand move in a mighty way in multiple ways, in many locations.  We can celebrate multiple salvations, and spiritual refreshing for many saints. Please be praying about who you can invite to Friend Day on March 20th!  What if we all participate?  Imagine the impact God the Lord could make on our region.  As we look ahead make sure to keep an eye on your church calendar.

  • Special Guest Dr. Tim Lee —March 13, 2022
  • Prayer Brunch for ladies & men—March 19, 2022 10AM
  • Friend Day—March 20, 2022
  • Palm Sunday with morning Communion April 10, 2022
  • Family Day, something for everyone! Easter Egg Hunt, Food, Games, Music, Corn-Hole Tournament on Saturday, April 16, 2022,  10AM-2PM
  • Easter—8AM/10:30AM, no Sunday School, no 5:00PM. *Jubilee Choir Singing at both services

Pastor Winston Parrish

On March the 20th, Trinity will host   a very special Sunday for all of our friends, family members and acquaintances as we come together to celebrate “Friend Sunday”!

This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to invite as many people as you can to be your guest on that day. Each ministry will be providing invitations for you to hand-out through February and March. Our desire is to reach into our community to the people we know and make a concerted effort to invite them to be with us at Trinity.

We will have extra seating that day as well as information about who we are at Trinity Baptist Church.  We will have a special gift for each guest as well as a gift for each person who brings a first time visitor. Children, teens, adults and Heritage Keepers are encouraged to invite people to church on that Sunday. Our focus that day will be a message of hope and of truth, pointing each person in the building to Jesus!

Start thinking and praying about who you can invite now!  Who do you know that needs to hear the good news of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ? Invite them!

P.S. On Wednesday, March 3, at both morning and evening services, we will have a special equipping seminar on, “How to invite someone to church and How to strike up a gospel conversation”

Pastor Winston Parrish

In the Bible we find that Jesus Christ made His point clearly:  One day He will return—and not one human being on earth knows when that will be.  Religious fanatics make wild claims of having knowledge of the specifics of the Second Coming of the Lord.  These fanatics are causing many Christians to ignore or shy away from the good news that Jesus is coming again.

God’s Word commands us to know the signs of the times, to remain watchful, and to be ready for the coming of Christ.  The perilous times of the day, the wars and rumors of wars, the unification of world religions and the ever-growing desire for global currency leaves the child of God a “trail of breadcrumbs” that points to the fact that any moment Jesus could come, and the fact is, one day He will.

We are excited to announce a special effort to travel to Europe and the Middle East to teach and preach on location. This is a straightforward, in-depth exploration of the key biblical texts regarding the Second Coming, following Scripture, and observing current global tensions in a post 1948 World where Israel is alive and well, ever striking the pendulum of prophetic motion towards the second coming.

As we study what the Word of God says about end times, it will stir your heart with a deep desire for Christ’s return.  As we hold fast to the truth, we will be blatantly reminded by the events of the day to live expectantly until He comes again for His bride!  Join Dr. Ralph Sexton and Pastor Winston Parrish for Operation SkyWatch—

Dynamic content from:

Kyiv, Ukraine—Wars and rumors of Wars

Amsterdam, Netherlands—NATO, what it is and why it matters.

Kuwait City, Kuwait—The Gulf Cooperation Council and Israel, what’s next?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Abraham’s House (religion unification)

Brussels, Belgium- Antisemitism in 21st Century Europe, Why do people STILL hate The Jews? European Union and Global Currency

*Some content will be LIVE on Facebook, and some will be added to the Ralph Sexton Ministries Youtube and Website at

Pastor Winston Parrish

I can’t stress enough just how important it is for God’s people to take full advantage of the God-given benefit of corporate worship, fellowship and encouragement built on God’s Word! In February, Trinity has the distinct honor to be one of the host churches for the Smoky Mountain Jubilee. This will be an incredible time of refreshment and spiritual sustenance for the entire family. Miranda and I can’t wait to see you there. Our very own Jubilee Choir will be singing, along with Amber Saunders and 11th hour.

There will be preaching by our Pastor Emeritus, Evangelist Dr. Ralph Sexton, as well as preaching by Dr. Joe Arthur and Dr. C.T. Townsend.

We will gather in beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on February 10-11, 2022. The beautiful LeConte Center will be the new Smoky Mountain Jubilee home venue. This event is completely free as we gather to hear powerful preaching from great men of God, experience Spirit-filled worship, and enjoy great Gospel singing by amazing choirs and southern gospel group favorites.

All evening services begin with music at 6:00 PM then preaching begins at 7:00 PM. The Friday morning service begins at 10:00 AM.

No tickets or reservations are necessary; however, registration is an absolute must for adequate seating.

Call the church office at 828-254-2187 for more information or visit the Smoky Mountain Jubilee Facebook page for current updates.

Come praying, come believing and I’ll see you there!

Pastor Winston Parrish