We thank the Lord for the incredible doors being opened to directly impact the people who are in dire need in the Ukraine. 

This past week, through your support and prayers, we were able to directly support efforts to care for thousands of refugees.  Not only did we bring them help financially, we were also able to buy hundreds of pounds of food for frontline soldiers, purchase critical items like tools, socket sets and drills for repair of cars, homes and church buildings, outfit young men from a church in Ukraine that were sent to the front lines this past Thursday, and supply 100 tactical tourniquets and trauma dressings for units under fire even while we were in country. 

We aided a Christian camp in Romania to buy food, diapers and supplies, as they are feeding and caring for over 60 refugees, mostly women and children. We were able to financially support the incredible team of people that God has on the ground there, taking the gospel message of Hope in a hopeless situation. 

Trinity, I want to thank you for praying, giving and supporting AidUkraine and the ministries that are making it happen in the name of Jesus Christ! It’s been wonderful to see Trinity, Ralph Sexton Ministries and Hearts With Hands come together on such a large scale for the Lord.

Pastor Winston Parrish

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