Deacon Ordination 2022

I have the distinct honor to welcome seven men into the Deacon Ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, serving the Families of Trinity Baptist Church. Every man being ordained today has been prayerfully considered for months and through intense prayer and spiritual vetting process, I have peace that this group of men are ready to serve. The Bible sets the standard and the qualifications for these men and their position is not to be taken lightly. Their task and their role in the church is a vital part of a spiritually healthy church.

I want to thank each man and his wife for their faithfulness and dedication to the Lord. These are men and women that can be trusted and when they speak, teach or lead, they do it as men and women that are full of faith and full of the Holy Ghost. Praise the Lord for our Deacons! Help me welcome the following men into our Deacon Ministry:

Terry McCoy

Mark Letterman

Darin Hudgins

David West

Chris Peluyera

Morris Childers*

Rev. James Robertson*

*Previously ordained in other ministries or capacities

Pastor Winston Parrish

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