I want to personally thank you for your heart of love and support for the victims of the brutal war in Eastern Europe. This entire conflict is a sad and avoidable reality that never had to happen in the first place. The political aspect of any war has to always remain secondary to the heart of the Christian.  The fact is, there are over 5 million people who have been displaced due to the war, most of them leaving home with only the clothes on their backs, and their earthly possessions reduced to a few plastic bags or a backpack.

We’ve witnessed an incredible undertaking by God’s people to step up to the plate and answer the call for help.  I’m pleased to report that as of Thursday of this past week, seven tractor trailer loads of supplies have departed from the Hearts with Hands warehouse for Ohio.  As of today, all the supplies have arrived safely and are now being processed and labeled per European Union Customs protocol, to be transferred to Poland then carried by truck to the Ukraine. A large portion of the supplies will be taken to the warzone by air.

We were also able to designate an entire shipping container of supplies for Camp Cristi in Romania.  This camp has been housing, feeding, and caring for dozens of Ukrainian families since the war began.  Many of these families are Jews who are seeking relocation back to Israel where they will continue their lives.

We praise the Lord for His blessing, His leadership and His provision that allowed all of this to come to fruition.  It makes my heart leap for joy to see three ministries come together with the same focus and same vision for the glory of God! Let’s continue to pray for Ukraine and all the people who are in harm’s way.

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