Working Together

The Lord God was talking to the people of Israel. The words of our Lord are recorded in Haggai Chapter 2,

“…And be strong, all ye people of the Land, saith the Lord, and work: for I am with you, saith the Lord of hosts:”

The House of Worship for the people in the Old Testament was the Temple.  In our lives today Jesus has moved the Temple inside of every believer.  We all come together to worship at our church.  This local church is our house of worship.

As in days past, the people still meet to worship and to work, both working on the House of God and doing works for our Lord.

Mark 13:34 records Jesus using a parable to illustrate our service to Him for this generation.  “A man taking a far journey,” leaves his estate, house and finances in the care of his servants.  Jesus notes the authority that is given to represent Him, and the work to be done until He returns.

What a wonderful week at Trinity!  Thank you for working and serving at the National Day of Prayer as our church and others gathered in downtown Asheville to pray.

Our Ladies’ Ministry has labored in prayer, meeting this week to pray for our church, our children, our city and country.  Some stayed until 9:30 PM, just to pray!

Men and women labored together this week to host a fundraiser for our church, working to repair and reclaim areas of overgrowth and to clean and to beautify our campus.  Others cooked and prepared meals for the scores of volunteers who worked together at the House of Worship.

Thank you for your service to our Lord!

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