Fellowship and Friendship

Last week I spoke with a person who said, “I don’t have any friends.”  As we talked together I realized this person was missing “fellowship” in their life.

I reminded them of the importance of being a part of a church family.  When you walk in the door you can feel the love and welcome!  This is my church, I am a member, or, I want to be a member of this church.  Welcome to the FELLOWSHIP of Trinity Baptist.

There is a bond, a spirit of unity, when we sing together, fellowship together, pray together, study the word together and celebrate that we are a family in Jesus.  Your soul and spirit need the FELLOWSHIP of our church.  As we worship and work together we can make and grow friendships with other like-minded people.

Maybe you serve in the nursery or work as an usher or sing in the choir.  There are any number of places like a Sunday School Class, Ladies Ministry, or a workday at church that give you opportunity to make a friend.

A common interest of serving in a local fellowship has brought you together.  A desire to serve the Lord and grow spiritually gives you that common bond that can lead to friendship.

Muzette and I can testify that we met friends here at Trinity forty years ago with whom we have remained friends for a lifetime, with the joy of serving Jesus together!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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