Spiritual Growth

Growth is a sign of health.  When children are born, the first weeks and months are very important for their health and development.  The baby has to grow and develop everything from tiny lungs to an expanding brain as they also grown in life experiences.  If any of this were to stop, it would be unhealthy.

The baby would be examined by the family doctor for added weight and other signs of growth.   If none were found, there would be great concern about this baby’s development. The baby’s medical chart would read, “A failure to thrive.”  Treatment plans would be developed to care for and help this child grow and live.

The same is true spiritually!  We must pray and ask the Lord to teach us to help us grow and mature.  You don’t want to be at the same spiritual weight you were on the day you trusted Jesus for salvation.  We must desire to grow into men and women of faith. We must spend time with God!  We have to read God’s Word, pray, attend church and seek fellowship with friends of faith.

You must feed your spiritual man.  The things of this world will not feed your soul!  A fire cannot burn without wood.  The spiritual food is fuel for your fire (your spiritual passion.)  Our desire to serve the Lord, our passion to see people come to Christ and our burden to pray for family, friends, church and nation all grow out of that revival spirit in our hearts.

Spending time alone with God is the first stop on the path to spiritual growth.
Thank you for being faithful!

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