Wonderful Wednesday

Praise the Lord! What a wonderful Wednesday night service.  God is so good to us and we are blessed beyond measure! 

The truths about prayer touched our hearts and God sure did bless us with His presence.  We are to be a people of prayer.

If Jesus had to pray when He was on earth, how much more do we need to pray?

What is prayer? Prayer is talking to God.

How does God talk to us? God speaks to us by the reading and studying of our Bible.

Let’s review the list of truths about prayer:

1.      We are to pray to our Father in Heaven        Luke 11:2

2.      God invites us to pray                                      Luke 11:9

3.      We have access to God through prayer          Hebrews 10:19

4.      We are to pray in Jesus’ name                        John 15:16

5.      We are to pray according to His will               I John 5:14

6.      The Holy Spirit helps us to pray                       Romans 8:26

7.      Prayer gives us supply from God                     Philippians 4:19

8.      We should start each day in prayer                 Psalm 5:3

9.      We are to pray about everything                      Proverbs 3:6, Philippians 4:6

10.  We are to pray at all times                               I Thessalonians 5:17

Can God supply all our needs, spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial?


Together in prayer we agree with the promises of God; we agree that our God can!

As we closed the service Wednesday night we agreed to pray for ourselves, that God would touch our faith.  We agreed to pray for our marriages, our families, our children and our church.

God can touch the hearts that need to be a part of removing the obstacle of debt!  We have our children, our teens and young adults that need the ministries of a debt-free church!

Can God?      God Can!

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph/John 3:30

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