Happy Giving Day

Last week a visitor wondered, “What is the Birthday Offering for Jesus?”

This day of giving is a celebration of our faith that is focused around the birth of Jesus.

We celebrate Christmas as a memorial day, a day to remember.  It is not so much that we believe December 25th is the actual day of Jesus’ birth.  No! But it is the fact that we know that Jesus the Christ was born and that He is coming again.  The date, December 25th, is the day that the known religious world has agreed to use as our day out of the year to remember.

We know that God gave His Son Jesus as a gift to us for our salvation.  We know that Jesus gave His life as a gift to us that we could have eternal life. We remember the gifts of God and of Jesus.  On a personal basis, we place gifts under our Christmas trees so we will remember God’s gift on this Happy Giving Day!

Some of the markers of our Christian faith are the caring and compassion that are exhibited in our giving. 

In obedience to the Word of God, we tithe our income (first fruits) to our local church.  We also give special gifts (alms) above our tithes to assist the local congregation and to bless others. 

So, the Birthday Offering for Jesus was born many years ago to launch our end of year giving and to bless others. 

This year our gifts are very important!  We have had over $100,000 of repairs to our campus and we have many families that are depending on us to help. 

We also have a major target to see our ministry increase and for the safety of our children and teens.   We need to upgrade our campus internet to commercial-grade and expand church security for every department.

Today is our Happy Giving Day!   This is the day that we give out of our blessings, to bless our church and others.  Your gift is so important today as we all make the effort to give, above our tithes. 

Our goal today?  That we pray and that every person gives according to how God has blessed each of us.  

Serving together! Praying together! Giving together for the cause of Christ!  

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph

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