The Power of Together

As I study the Word of God, I am amazed at how God uses people!

Sometimes it is someone that you think can’t be used.  They have messed up so badly that it seems God could never use them again.  Then, here comes grace and mercy; we see Sampson move into action, King David is back, and the Apostle Peter is preaching great revivals.

God also reminds us we are not to serve Him alone.  Sheep need a shepherd and we need each other.  Jesus is the great Shepherd and He gave us the sheep fold, the local church.

I am reminded again, “All we have on earth is God and each other, and we better take care of each other!”

Our church becomes the instrument of God’s multiplication. We each pray and God puts our prayers together to fulfill His Word, “If any two or three agree together…”

God uses our labors of love and puts them together to make a difference in the lives of others.  In the last few weeks, you have built a ramp for a shut-in, put a roof on a widow’s house, placed a farm tractor in a shipping container for children in an orphanage in Africa, and built and decorated a Christmas float for a witness to Asheville.  This demonstrates the power of togetherness!

The same is true of our giving.  God said for us to bring the first-fruit (tithe) of our labors (income) into the storehouse (church) on the first day of the week (Sunday).

We talked this week at the Finance Committee meeting about our church and giving.  How blessed we have been over the years, with a group of faithful givers.  Some were very faithful each week are now in Heaven.

That is the power of working together.  One cannot pay for all that needs to be done, but together we can.  Will you prayerfully consider not only your tithe, but your gifts?  Our debt retirement, our missions, our benevolent giving, are all above our tithes.  

Maybe you can help this generation have a future of faith, friends and fellowship.  Together we can keep the light on in the Lighthouse. 

You are loved,                                                      

Pastor Ralph

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