Vision 2020 …Countdown!

Today is the last Sunday in the year 2019 and the last Sunday in the year that I can attend church.  It is also the last Sunday in the decade!  All the opportunities to serve the Lord this year and the past decade are in the rear view mirror of my life.  The past is marked with the words, “too late”.

The good news is that the windshield of my life is full of road signs:  Welcome to 2020!  We are counting down the last few hours of 2019 and then we will welcome a brand new year.  It is a year to start over and to begin anew in my walk of faith.  It is a year of new opportunities to serve the Lord.

This is our Vision 2020, that we have a Biblical worldview.  To see the hurting with the compassion of Christ.  To provide a place of Hope and Healing for teens and singles.  To provide support for the family and the single mom.  To help the children to learn and grow in knowledge of Jesus.  To be sure that parents and grandparents feel loved and in a caring community of faith.

We are Trinity Baptist, Asheville’s Family Church. A place to call home, with a vision to see that we need each other and a vision to see Jesus in all that we do.

We are counting down to a New Year that is for sure!  We are also counting down to the greatest days of our lives and the mission of our church as we know and proclaim that Jesus is the answer.

Happy New Year to you and to all those that you love!

I pray that God knits our hearts together as we work and pray for our families and our future in 2020!  

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph

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