Happy New Year

Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy that we are alive to start another year of serving the Lord together!  Our church was given great opportunities in 2019, and already God has opened great doors for us to go through in 2020.

Our vision for this year is to See Jesus.  May our prayers and labors let others see Jesus as we faithfully present Him to our families and friends.

Seeing Jesus in all that we do is an effort to remind us of what matters.  Life is way too short to be entangled with the temporary things of this world.  We are teaching the next generation with the example of our lives as we are loving the Lord, being faithful and caring for each other.  May others see that our lives reflect the saving grace of Jesus!

Together as a community of faith we are going into an exciting new time in the life of Trinity Baptist. 

We start 2020 with the report that over 1,096,792 minutes of our church services have been watched, live!  That does not include our television or our radio audience.  That means the people have sat and watched over 18,279 hours of church.  God is using our church to reach a spiritually hungry generation.

Our watch night service and country breakfast were a wonderful start to 2020.

All of our hearts were encouraged with the messages of seven young men in our church who are called to preach. 

Seven young men had prayed, prepared, and then preached with the touch of the Lord on their messages.  We are blessed beyond measure!

Happy New Year to you and to all those you love.

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph John 3:30

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