Giving by Faith!

November has been another exciting month for Missions at Trinity.  We have enjoyed the flags of nations from around the world and the wonderful testimonies of our missionaries. 

I want to thank Pastor Dwight and our missions committee for making the thoughtful and powerful presentations to our church family.  We have said often that the blessing of the Lord has been enjoyed here at Trinity Baptist because we area mission hearted church!

Our church was birthed out of a Send the Light Missions Conference with Dr. James Stewart and our founding pastor, Dr. Ralph Sexton, Sr. Their burden, focus and energy was taking the Gospel to a needy and hurting world!  The common burden of people that believed in missions was the anchor point to bring people together of like faith!

Part of this great heritage is the unique giving by faith or Faith Promise.

The individual member prays about God would have you give each week or month next year for missions outreach, (in America and overseas).

The prayer and promise card reflects that resolve.  God, I will give $25 or __?__ per month for missions.  By faith, if you provide, I will give.  By faith, that way it is up to God to provide the way to give. That is why we call it “Faith Promise” giving.

Today, we are asking God to touch out faith as we complete our giving cards for 2020 missions.

Thank you for praying and for giving for our missions budget for next year.

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph / John 3:30

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