Power of Pentecost

Power of Pentecost
Think about the day of Pentecost and the events of that day. Think of the mighty rushing wind and the cloven tongues of fire with each person hearing the message in their own language. This was the birth of the church, the body of Christ, with lives changed forever.
Dr. James Stewart wrote, “…the miracle of Pentecost, was the sudden transformation of the disciples from weak, fearful, timorous men to powerful, confident witnesses to Christ and His resurrection.”
Think about it, “…those commonplace fishermen and tax-gathers were turned into prophets, teachers, and flaming heralds!”
Notice the crowd, the people in the city. They cried out in wonder, asking what had happened. A holy hush fell on the people as the spirit of God began to speak through Peter. Acts 2:12 states, “…they were all amazed and were in doubt saying one to another, what meaneth this?”
Some accused them of being drunk. Their lives had a dramatic change that no one could explain it. It was power! Power from another world! It was not the power of religion, or ritual, or reason; it was the supernatural power of God!
Our prayer today is, Oh Lord, do it again! Please visit us for fresh tears and vision. Please give us a burden for this generation with fresh oil and revival for power in our personal lives and the life of our church!

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  1. donna osborne
    donna osborne says:

    Love this article and love this great man of God James Stewart. Heard him at milldale camp meeting in Louisiana as a child. Thanks for quoting him. The spirit will bear witness to truth which is Christ. We must preach and teach thoroughly on the person and work of Christ. This is revival!!! Thanks Bro. Sexton for a great spiritual legacy. You are on my prayer list.


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