Welcome Home!

I love that phrase. Welcome to the place where you are loved and appreciated.  This is home, this is where you belong. This is you, this is your heritage and this is your legacy.

My spiritual home is my place of praise and worship.  This is my church and my church family, the people I worship with. I don’t know all their names, but I do know we go to church together.

These are people of like faith, people of prayer, people known for their love and generosity. These are the people who are kind, loving and welcome all to join them in serving Jesus. These people are just like you. People that are not perfect, but are forgiven. People who know they have passed from death unto life, and who care and pray for each other.

WOW! What a blessing to know that in a world of confusion, in a culture in collapse, I have a home! I have a place of help, hope and comfort – my church.

This is why once a year we have Homecoming.  It is a time to remember what matters in life and a time to keep my feet on a firm faith foundation.  It is a time to affirm my love and support for the future.  Our legacy will be to insure the children and grandchildren of this church have a clear message of salvation from the pulpit and a clear vision of the mandate to be salt and light. Let’s be sure that they can enjoy what we have enjoyed for the past 52 years.

Trinity Baptist Church, a place to call home! Where we work together, pray together and give together to make a difference as we worship together.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, as I serve the Lord!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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