Come On In… We Are

What a wonderful Homecoming Sunday!  It was a great day of family, friends, food and fellowship.

It was amazing to see 16 serving lines in action at one time.  We had ribs and chicken, all kinds of sides and cobbler with ice cream.  We were blessed and full!

During the message we talked about “Being the Church,” and how important it is that we not just attend church but that we become the church every day.  When we live the love of Christ in front of scared, lonely, hurting people we do “Become the Church.”  You are a visible, real, and genuine Christian whether you are in the 10th grade, or a senior in college, or a co-worker in the office.  You get the idea?

Needy people are all around us.  People who need to be shown the love of Jesus and people who need to feel accepted and wanted in our fellowship of faith.

They need to drive up in front of our church and read:  “Welcome!”  “Come on In!”  “We are open!”

Come on in, we are still having church!  We are still singing, reading the Bible, listening to the choir, going to the mission field, and preaching and teaching from the pulpit.

We are still sharing the Word of God and giving to programs for our children and teens.  We really are a hospital of hope, and we still operate a life-saving station for those who need it.  We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We are church … Come on in!  You are welcome!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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