We Need Church

Last week I was in a place of business here in the city. During the time there, I entered into a conversation with an employee. This lady began to ask me some questions about church “Are you a Pastor?” “Do you like going to church?”  “Are your people friendly or kind?”

Many other questions over the next few minutes proved she was very sincere and was interested in knowing more about God, faith and eternity. I paused for a moment, and then asked her about her faith and relationship with Jesus. She stated that she was a person of faith. She professed to believe in Jesus for salvation but had dropped out of going to a building to attend “church.” She continued by telling me that she just watched TV services or downloaded Bible teachings.

At the end of the discussion, come to find out, she misses church.  Remember, she is not sick or a shut-in, she was just attending a place of social activity, a place where people may not have been warm, concerned, or even kind.

We need church!

We need the community of faith around church. “Community of faith” is formed when like-minded people commit to sharing time and space with each other.

These are the people that I need in my life.  Family and friends help us draw closer to God.  These people help me want to worship the Lord and give Him praise!  These church people help us understand each other, pull us closer together and help us become the real person God created us to be.

You are the church!   You are the new friend to a visitor.  You are the one with the words of encouragement and acts of kindness for discouraged and hurting.   Be the church!  We need you and we need each other!

Thank you for being faithful!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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