Winter Revival

As you may have heard, Dr. Tim Lee and Connie will not be able to be with us this week for revival.  Their sixteen year old granddaughter (Ally Hooten) was killed in an ATV accident over last weekend and her funeral was on Friday.

The church voted Wednesday night to go ahead and honor Dr. Lee and his family with a love gift.  We received an offering and mailed a check for $    on Thursday.  I want to thank you church family for your generous and compassionate heart.

Revival is not in the sermon notes of an evangelist.  Revival is in my personal relationship with God!  One of the first steps on the road to revival is obedience to our Lord.  Three questions that can be helpful in that journey are:

  1. Is there anything God wants me to start doing?
  2. Is there anything God wants me to stop doing?
  3. Is there any reason not to do what God wants?

Revival is your and God doing a personal audit of your spiritual life.  Let us seek Him together in the spirit of revival!  II Chronicles 7:14

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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