School on Sunday

We are excited today to introduce our new Bible Study, “Build Below the Baseline.”  This study will be provided for all ages beginning at the third grade in our church family.

With all the members of our families studying the same subject, we can talk about God’s Word together.  This will be a tool to help us grow spiritually as a church and as people of the Book.

Think about this – God gives each of us 168 hours every week.  That means you have 8,736 hours to use every year!

If you attend Sunday School (Bible Study on Sunday mornings) every Sunday, that would only be 52 hours per year.  That leaves 8,684 hours to live for ourselves.

If I gave a tithe of my time, if I said, “Lord, you have given me another year to live; I want to give 10% back in service to you!”  That would only be 868 hours given to the Lord each year.

Think about this, if I go to Sunday School and all three church services every week, that would only be 208 hours per year.  OUCH!  That is a long way from 868 hours as a “time tithe”.

The truth of the matter is, God has every hour of every day!  We love Jesus and we live for Him each and every day.

Let’s make an effort to step-up in 2017 and be faithful to Sunday School.

Happy New Year again!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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