Vision 2020

WOW!  What a wonderful start to our Vision campaign. God blessed in so many different ways, it is difficult to list them all!

First, let’s thank the Lord for the wonderful services. His Word has been coming alive as we study together. This past Wednesday was a heartfelt service as we talked of Serving in the Dark!  God connected Psalm 134 to each of our lives and circumstances that we serve Him in.

Second, I want to honor and celebrate our future with our 22 new members.  We rejoice in their fellowship of faith as we serve together.  It is exciting to watch the Lord bless us in the so many ways.

Third, I want to thank you for your vote to move forward with our desire to be debt free!  A next step can be to consolidate the usage of our Lighthouse activities and free up the remaining two acres for sale.  The proceeds can then be used to reduce our debt while we maintain the Lighthouse for use.

Fourth, we can rejoice in the sacrificial giving that has reduced our debt from an eight million dollar project to only $530,139.  Praise the Lord!  We started last Sunday with a vision to be debt free and we are on our way!

Our Vision is to pay forward to secure a church for the next generation and to be debt free to do more ministry than ever before. 

Thank you for giving and thank you for joining with me in prayer for our future!

You have blessed my faith with your VISION to keep going for the next generation.

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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