Comfort and Encouragement

The past few services at Trinity have provided a time of great comfort and encouragement.  The power of the Word of God has combined with the presence of the Lord to bless us and to comfort our hearts.

The study in Psalm 134 has given strength to those who may be in a dark place, whether it is a circumstance or an ongoing battle with depression, anxiety or panic attacks. 

It is much easier to serve God in the light of the day.  You can be blessed with work and great fellowship with other believers. But what do you do in the night, whether emotional night or spiritual night?  What do you do when it is dark and lonely?  Our natural response is to run to try to escape the darkness!

God said: “…bless ye the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord, which BY NIGHT stand in the house of the Lord.”   Psalm 134:1

Just like Job, we are all in a place of service to the most high God; the God who loves us and gave His Son for us. 

God has placed us where we are, just to serve Him there. So, right there in the dark, praise Him!  Stand for Him!  Stay strong and just be faithful to God!

Over 600 people served in the Temple during the day. According to Rabbinical sources there were only 22 Levites, two priests and one temple guard at night.  Think about it, over 600 in the day and only 25 at night.

Not all serve in the dark, but a few are asked to serve the Lord during a time of darkness.

God said, “Lift up your hands…”  Praise Him and He promises to comfort and encourage you!

You are loved, 

 Pastor Ralph

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