The Gospel Alive

 We are still rejoicing over those who trusted Jesus for Salvation last Sunday. We saw God use the drama, The Passover in Egypt, to illustrate His plan of redemption! The portrayal of the blood on the doorpost of the families that believed in God, contrasted with the family that rejected the blood was very powerful. You could see and understand God’s plan of salvation. God’s Lamb, Jesus, died in my place. We rejoice in our own salvation.

Today we continue to follow the Passover through time. From the first Passover, almost 3,500 years ago, we now fast forward to 2,000 years ago at the time of Christ. Jesus is coming to Jerusalem. Jesus is a religious Jew. He observes all the laws and practices of Judaism.

Jesus will use the Passover meal before His crucifixion as a teaching time. He will share powerful lessons from the Word of God, demonstrate grace and mercy reaching out to Judas and share love and assurance with the disciples.

A special thank you to all the workers and volunteers for making this Living Bible Lesson come to life!

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