Easter: Jesus is Alive!

Of all of the World’s religions, in only one is the founder still alive. Christians celebrate today a LIVING LORD! Each of the world’s religions has a founder, a story, a death, and a grave memorial.

When we examine Christianity, our founder, The Lord Jesus Christ, is still ALIVE! That is the message of Easter with The Death, The Burial and the RESURRECTION of Jesus, our Saviour. That is why we, as Christians, celebrate Easter and Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate that light invaded darkness. We rejoice that because of Jesus there is hope in a world filled with chaos and confusion! That is because Jesus was born.

We celebrate Easter because Jesus still lives. Death tried to bury Jesus. Darkness tried to hide the Light of the World. But, on Easter Sunday morning, Jesus walked out of that tomb, alive for ever more! Glory to His name!
On Wednesday night in the Chapel we studied Matthew Chapters 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 with the message, “Sunday is on the Way!” It may look bad when Judas’ kiss betrayed, it may look bad at the trial, it may look even worse at the cross, but wait!
You can’t forget, “Sunday is on the Way!” Jesus is Alive and well!
There is hope in our hearts and our world. Jesus makes the difference!

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