As your Pastor I am always amazed at what we can accomplish working together.

The Passover Dramas are a great illustration of Teamwork.  We watched so many different talents, from music to carpentry, sewing to video, and more, all coming together as a team!  The Team then illustrated a living Gospel to this generation.

In the Church Series we last studied about the Faith of the Church.  We discovered part of our faith foundation, in addition to the Word of God, is the unity of the Body of Christ.

As a church family we worship together and we serve together.  We care and share together.  The Gospel Team of a church is the illustration of Teamwork at its best!

Another way that we can help the Team will happen on three Wednesday nights this month.  Three ministries of our church will be preparing special dinner meals for their special projects at TBC. Please make plans to join us for dinner!

  1. Wednesday, May 17—Trinity Missions
  2. Wednesday, May 24—RSM • Heritage
  3. Wednesday, May 31—Trinity Teens Missions

Thank you for your faithful prayers, attendance, giving, and serving at Trinity!  You are the best TEAM!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

Psalm 91:1

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