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A few months ago we studied together about the amazing gathering of events around the year Israel became a nation. 1948 was powerful in prophetic events and the opening of a portal to the future.

Our Bible is an amazing Book! It is not only the Word of God, but is packed with promises, poetry, and prophecies. It is a living word with loving comfort in the uncertain days of our generation.

When we studied about the year 1948 we discovered that this was the year of great breakthrough in technology.

We also studied about the cultural changes of this pivotal year. The Big Bang Theory, denying creation, was introduced. America also started killing babies that same year as 1948 was the birth of Planned Parenthood.

We saw in that same year the explosion of nations in the world. With the creation of the UN and the World Bank, new nations appeared. 1948 was the birth of communist China out of Nationalist China, and North and South Vietnam and Pakistan out of India. It was a year of great transitions.

We are experiencing another period of world confusion. We know that God wants your family to be a “faith family” during this time. The spirit of fear is not of the Lord. God will guide us all the way home.

Genesis is the first book in the Bible, The Book of Beginnings. Revelation is the last book in the Bible, the Book of the Last Days.

Notice what God has given us to help grow our faith and give us peace on our journey:

GENESIS                                                      REVELATION

ALPHA                                                         OMEGA

FIRST                                                            LAST

CREATION                                                  COMPLETION

MESSIAH PROMISED                           PROMISE KEPT

WHERE IS THE LAMB?                         GOD’S LAMB REIGNS

Church, look up!

We have never seen the events of today in the History of the World.

Over 25% of your Bible is prophecy.   WOW!  And God loved you so much that you are alive to watch Him fulfill His Word.

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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