Today we meet to worship and to celebrate Mother’s Day in the life of our church.

The power and influence of a mother that loves the Lord has never been more important. Our culture is changing and the faith and values of the next generation are being destroyed.

In conversation, I think a lot of people would agree the fabric of our society is being torn. Christians and non-Christians can see that we are living in a post-Christian era.

That does not mean that God is dead or that the church is dead. What it means is that our homes, schools and institutions of government no longer have a biblical world view.

It doesn’t even mean Christianity is dead. The discovery is that the influence that Christians once had on our nation and culture has diminished dramatically.

Christians of 100 or 200 years ago would be shocked at the decline in morals, education, Society and even in the care of our families.

We have replaced Biblical truth with the secular humanist worldview.

Mothers, you are the core, the foundation, and the heart of the home!

Your love and leadership glues our family units together. That same energy that gets us up to go to school and work is the same energy for spiritual health of your marriage and your children.

We must plan and pray for God in our lives and homes. Mom, your gentle love will lead us all to want to go to church and to live our lives for Jesus!

Moms, happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for your strong faith in Jesus and love for your family and our church!

You are loved,


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