Confirming the Church

As we were finishing up Chapter 14 in our exploration of the Book of Acts, I kept thinking about some verses of challenge.

Acts 14:21-28 tells of Paul and Barnabas teaching and preaching the Gospel.  These two evangelists had traveled to Lystra, Derbe, Iconium, and Antioch.  Not only was a crippled man healed, but churches (faith fellowships) were established.

The teachings were to the new believers in all these cities and the preaching was to the unbelieving and heathen of the population.

Verse 22 uses the phrase, “Confirming the souls of the disciples and exhorting them…”

Think about that statement, “Confirming the souls…”  Paul was setting the example of the importance of the local church!

Notice Paul gives us three insights into the position and power of the local church.

1.   Paul is very honest with the new Christians.  It would not be easy and they would go through many difficulties in their walk of faith.  Paul was acting on the principal that Jesus had come, not to make life easy, but to make men great!

2.   Christianity must be lived in fellowship.  People are not to be left alone or isolated.  John Wesley said, “No man ever went to heaven alone.”

3.    Paul and Barnabas carefully gave all the glory to God for the miracles and good works.  They regarded themselves as fellow-laborers with God.

We are in the walk of faith together!

Let’s strengthen our family of faith and grow our community of support and prayer, confirming the souls of our loved ones!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

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