Love Times Two

Love times two is part of our celebration today at Trinity.

We celebrate the love that Muzette had for the Lord and this church.  We also celebrate the love she had for her husband and her children.  Muzette had a favorite saying, “Love multiplies, never divides!”

The second love we celebrate is for the word of God and the people of Israel.  The first part of our faith is to show that we care as we say that because that Jesus loved us, we love you!

Genesis chapter twelve declares the promise of God, “And I will bless them that bless thee…”

We want to show our love for God’s chosen people and our trust in the written word of God.

The gift of this “Mobile Intensive Care Unit” is a visible token of our love for the people of Israel.  It opens the door for the conversations and questions that will follow:

“Why do you love us?”

“Why do you care if we survive?”

“Why would it matter to you, a Christian, if you believe that we (Jews) are Christ killers?”

This is love multiplied! Christ loved us with unconditional love when we were unlovable.

Today, we bring that love full circle. We love the Lord and we love Israel. God made a promise and God kept a promise.

The people of Israel are back in the Holy Land and we honor the life of Muzette by giving them an ambulance to help meet their most critical needs.

Muzette represented a life well-lived in her faith and family.

We can declare with her love, “God is, and all is well!”

Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support making this day possible.

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph

John 3:30

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