In the Word, Together

After our Bible Study on Wednesday I heard from the Ladies Bible Study group. They meet on Tuesday evenings for fellowship and time in the Word of God. They were thrilled to explain that their theme on Tuesday evening was the same subject that we talked about at Wednesday evening prayer meeting, “The importance of the Bible in the life of a Christian!”

I recently read an article about reading the Bible and how important it is for spiritual growth and maturity. If I remember correctly it asserted that you could read your Bible through in 90 days. It stated that by reading up to 13 chapters a day or listening to 13 chapters on a CD, you could complete the Bible in around 90 days.

Remember the image of our Wednesday night study? The enemy of your soul, the enemy of your life and family, doesn’t want you in the Word of God.

The devil’s playbook… “Block the Book”

In anyway, at any time, using any circumstance, the devil will work to block you and me from reading our Bible.

We will grow spiritually as individuals, as families, and as a church as we study the Bible together.


You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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