“Carry the Trash” out of my life

When we read II Chronicles 28, we see the devastation caused by sin. King Ahaz had the position and power to lead his people towards the worship of God. Instead, King Ahaz led his people on a path of sensual sin and idolatry. Sin’s “payday” was horrible!  The Bible teaches us clearly that…the wages of sin is death.

Our generation faces many of the same spiritual struggles and battles with temptation. The only difference being, “we are first class sinners”. By that I mean that we have the power to sin in so many different ways and media.

From television, IPads, and the internet, we can access people, places and technology of sin.

In today’s world there are many ways and opportunities to move away from God’s Word and God’s Way. We must pray and ask God to help us guide our lives toward Him and not toward the world!

The Bible states that…King Ahaz, did not that which was right in the sight of the Lord…

But the good news and our example is one person doing what is right!

II Chronicles 29:2—And he (King Hezekiah) did that which was right in the sight of the Lord …

Let us keep praying for personal revival! Oh Lord, please help me to “Carry the trash” out of my life!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette


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