Celebrate Recovery Ministry

The response to the Celebrate Recovery Ministry has been unbelievable. We have been open to the public for four months and have been able to minister to hundreds of people with the message of hope found in Jesus. We are not just impacting Asheville, but have had people form Washington State, Virginia, New York, and many other states come through the CR Ministry.

I am reminded every week when I see new faces searching for hope, that this ministry and the mission of our church is PEOPLE! No matter their background, race, social status, or label, every person has a purpose from God. Pastor has reminded us recently that every person has name, and has a story.

We were all soberly reminded of this truth just a month ago when one of our volunteers for CR, Terri Sizemore suddenly passed into eternity at the age of 38. She was many things to many people, but none more important than a mom to her two boys. Her Facebook post from November 13, 2018, spoke of this reality. A mom’s prayer, that her boys would one day see the importance in each person.

Terri Sizemore post reads…”I’ve realized my children don’t need me to answer all their questions ors love all their problems, that just need to know that we believe in God, who will never leave them or forsake them. Even when they mess up or are angry or hurt. Our God meets us right in the middle of our own messes, and if my boys see this in a real way when they are young, then maybe they will grow up sure of this knowledge, this truth–that God can love them through any challenge or pain or disappointment. We want our kid’s faith, compassion, kindness, and love to be real because the world has real problems that need us to be the literal hands and feet of Jesus, ready to go. Willing to help. and serve. and love. I pray that my kids learn to not turn away from the pain of the world but to lean in , to look at what needs to be done and believe it’s within their power to help. These kind acts do so much more than just teach my boys to not be so materialistic, or to think of others above themselves. Hopefully, they learn that with God’s help they are empowered to do something about what it happening around them.” ~ Terri Sizemore ~ November 13, 2018

This is the Gospel in the simplest terms, “Jesus died for you”, may we continue to spread the good news! Pastor Nathan Hawkins

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