50th Jubilee

This week we celebrate 50 years of the Land of the Sky Jubilee.  It is hard to           believe 50 years has passed so quickly.

The Jubilee has been a spiritual refreshing for Christians and encouragement for churches all over the southern United States.

This week we have celebrated with songs, scripture, family, friends and food.  It was a wonderful week making memories!

Almost 53 years ago Maze Jackson hosted the Jubilee in   Atlanta, Georgia. That church was unable to continue being the host, so Pastor Ralph Sexton, Sr. offered to host the Jubilee at Trinity Baptist in Asheville.  That was 50 years ago!

During this wonderful week God has used our church to bless others again. “Thank you”, volunteers, for your hours of hard work. 

From the parking lots to the family choir, from the teen meals at night to the hot meals for lunch, from the prayer teams to the media department, God has used you all to bless others.  Thank you for praying and thank you for giving!

What a joy to work together and to be able to worship                 together.  May God keep us faithful for the future!

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph / John 3:30

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