Men That Make A Difference

In life there are people who just can’t be duplicated or emulated. They are a special breed, a once in a lifetime relationship or  acquaintance.  For me, Tim Lee is one of those few men.  I’ve known Tim all my life and I’ve always seen him as a hero, a soldier, a real life John Wayne and a preacher. I mean no disrespect in that, as a child I thought John Wayne was the toughest man to ever breathe air.

Every time I’ve ever been around Tim he has been the same.  He is consistent in his concern, loving in his tone and always ready to share Jesus with anyone willing to listen.  Even in the midst of great family tragedy during the untimely passing of his Granddaughter, Ally, Tim, Connie and the entire Lee Family stood strong in their Faith and continued on for Christ in the face of great loss.

Dr. Tim Lee is a war hero, a Purple Heart recipient, a husband, a father, a grandfather and a friend. He’s a Bible preaching lover of the truth. Tim paid a high premium for freedom and he’s willing to tell the story for God’s Glory.

Today, Miranda and I are honored to host A man who has made a difference, my good friend, Dr. Tim Lee.

Pastor Winston Parrish

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