What a Mighty God!

Trinity Baptist is a church family that has been blessed of God.

We have hosted some of America’s greatest speakers, pastors and singers. We have had the honor of hearing from people that have been used across America and around the world.

Once again, this past Sunday, God reminded Trinity Church that Jesus is the real power present to change lives, families and churches for God’s glory.

At both our 8:15 AM and 10:45 AM services the power of God touched us and, praise the Lord, lives were changed!

The Recovery Soldiers Ministry was used by God to put our feet back down in the real world.

It is easy to sit in church on Sunday with our padded chairs and air conditioned environment and be tuned-out to the community we live in.

God used men that had been broken with the pains of life to shake our bed of apathy!  All of these men were broken with an earthquake of circumstances. They didn’t have the Lord, they didn’t have family and friends of faith to support them and they didn’t have a church home like Trinity.

Isolation, fear, pain and guilt produced the desire for self-medication to allow them to cope. Then as they were hooked on drugs they entered into the never ending circle of lies, stealing, rehab, failure and even overdose. 

One young man stated that he was only 17 years old when he caused a four-car wreck that killed his mother.  WOW! What would I have done? How would I cope with the guilt?

Then to hear each testimony changed to, “I AM REDEEMED!”

The shouts of victory! I have been set free! What a mighty God!

My first thought and today still my last thought is that only God could rescue these men! What a mighty God we serve! 

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph Sexton

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