We Are Taking Back The House! Part 2

Speaking to those who feel it is too late. 

  1. If you have children still in the home, It’s not too late. If there is an issue, or something lacking in your home, it will never be better by waiting. Take advantage of the exposure to truth, and be willing to make a change—now. 
  2. Humility is key—repentance may be necessary. When God exposes issues in our lives it’s always uncomfortable, but if you’ll respond humbly, broken before God, He may use it to heal wounds you may not even know exist. Apologies may have to be made for moving on. There might be some mommas and daddy’s that need to look at their kids and say kids “I’m sorry where we failed. I’m so sorry I didn’t teach you and pray with you.” Do it for God’s glory and free of pride—you’ll be amazed at the working hand of God. 
  3. Be an advocate for others. If you realize an error or malpractice within your home spiritually. Let them learn from your experience….
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