Three Lies Being Told To My Friends

There is no greater quality that a friend can possess than that of a friend who is honest. The truth in love is such a valuable thing. Its so uncommon these days. My generation is plagued with this disease where people must be told what they want to hear, rather that what they need to hear.

A true friend will always tell you the truth in love and do it in a way that honors the friendship. I’ve got a lot of friends in the building today. People I love and care about, but there are a lot more people I wish that were here with me today. So many people that I want to see go to heaven, live a life thats pleasing to the Lord Jesus and enjoy living for Him.

So many of them should be here, but they aren’t. Now they have their reasons. They have excuses. Some of them are pretty simple, some excuses are complex and involve human emotion, issues, problems, relationships. We all deal with life as it comes, some respond well, others don’t.

But my fear is, the real concern I have today for those friends of mine that I wish were here with me today, is that they are making decisions for their life, making bold statements and walking a path based on things that are not true. Today with the help of the Lord I want to expose
“3 Lies That Are Being Told To My Friends”

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