Three Lies Being Told Me

This week I want us to get even more personal and be honest about ourselves and what we believe, and really define our perspectives about life even as a believer. There are a lot of saved people who live their life beneath a barrier of broken expectations and truly have a misguided understanding of what life is supposed to be while here on this earth.

If our perspective if off, it can make us unstable. If our understanding isn’t correct our expectations will be unrealistic. The life of a believer is to be that of a level headed, well rounded, mature, spiritual being who takes everything in life and processes the data, the information before them, even the tough stuff, and comes to the conclusion that God is perfect, He is just, He is righteous and that He does all things well! 

The battle, yet again, is human emotion. The one entity, the one corporation that keep me from being a level headed, well rounded, mature, spiritual being is me. My feelings, my emotions, how I see it.  Understand today that I am my biggest problem when it comes to either looking to truth or believing lies about life and perspective.

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