The Word in Us

After Jubilee we reflect on the emphasis that was placed on the Word of God.

Pastors, evangelists and missionaries all spoke of the importance of God’s Word. Not only that the Bible is the Word of God, but the Bible is the rock of our spiritual world.  It is the foundation that we build our lives, marriages and homes upon.

The Bible is our shelter in the storms of life. The Word of God is the source of our spiritual food and strength.  We cannot develop or grow as a Christian without the Word of God in our lives.  Remember, “The Word in us and us in the Word!”

The Old Testament and the New Testament combine together to connect law and grace.  Sixty-six books woven and tied together, with the promise of the Messiah and the prophecy fulfilled.

God uses the Old and New Testaments to connect the past, present and the prophecy of things to come.  Five important study areas are:

  1. To show the similarity of ideas
  2. To show parallel cases
  3. To explain a doctrinal point
  4. To prove a doctrinal point
  5. To prove the fulfillment of prophecy

Don’t be distracted by the world around you, but keep praying and reading the Word of God!

Thank you for being faithful to our church.

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph and Muzette

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