The Real Reason You Can’t Move On

Life can truly be painful. If you live life around people at all, you are at risk to be hurt. People are naturally, emotional creatures. We offend an get offended—its part of our human curse, our imperfect flesh. You will get hurt in life.  Maybe you have been hurt by what people said about you… by what someone thought about you… You may have been hurt by what people have done to you emotionally, physically, verbally or financially.  It’s inevitable. You will be hurt by what people say and do.

Christians are called to live above the ebb and flow of human emotion, above human life. We must learn to get past hurt. There are folks in this room that have had horrendous things said to them, terrible things have happened to them, but I’m here today with the Word of God to show you that you can move on, and more than anything I want you to see The Real Reason You Can’t Move On. 

No delay here, no suspense build up—I just want to lay it out. The reason you cant move on, the reason you cant find joy or peace, is the absence of the one and only solution and thats forgiveness. The real reason you cant move on is because you haven’t forgiven your offender

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