The Book of Romans – Part 10 | The Epistles of The Apostle Paul

God reveals His wrath in two ways: (1) indirectly, through the natural consequences of violating His universal moral law, and (2) directly through His personal intervention (the OT record—from the sentence passed on Adam and Eve to the worldwide flood, from the fire and brimstone that leveled Sodom to the Babylonian captivity—clearly displays this kind of intervention). The most graphic revelation of God’s holy wrath and hatred against sin was when He poured out divine judgment on His Son on the Cross. That was your moment of personal intervention…

Christ on the Cross was the the wrath of God that was meant for those in the faith! That was your global flooding, your fire and brimstone, that was your years of slavery and captivity by the Babylonians! 

But instead of it being carried out on you, God poured it out on His innocent Son! Jesus took my wrath!

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