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This year’s theme for our Student Ministry Fall Retreat is Encounter.  It is truly amazing what happens when you disconnect a teenager from the world for a few days and connect them to an environment where they can have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit.  I am not talking about emotionalism or manufactured life change, but a true convicting and life-altering encounter with the Holy Spirit of God. I understand that my programs, events, games and attempts to be relevant for this generation will never produce real life change.  But I believe in my heart of hearts that when a teenager gets a taste of what the Holy Spirit can do for them, they will never be satisfied with complacent Christianity. 

Thank you, church, for your investment in the next generation. I am honored and privileged to be part of a church that has a passion for the Gospel today and a vision for the Gospel tomorrow.  May we all encounter, afresh and anew, the Holy Spirit in our lives, and pray that we never take it for granted.

Praying together,

Pastor Nathan Hawkins

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