Luke chapter twelve speaks of the faithful and wise steward.

The truth is that we can give on impulse or passion, but stewardship involves a learning experience.  I am growing when I realize that everything I have, from my life to my material world, is a gift from God.

God encourages us to be a faithful steward of our lives.  This means managing not only the financial aspect but also managing the gift of everyday – 24 hours to work, live and pray.

Our management (stewardship) of our money can be a lifelong battle, as we use God’s blessing to provide for our families and to support our church.  The place we put our giving, in trust, for the Lord’s work is called the storehouse of the Lord.

Later this year we are planning some classes to be available to assist us in becoming debt free.

The first steps include starting a budget and living within that budget.  Here are a few “thought provokers” to help you begin to budget:

  1. Don’t buy anything on impulse!
  2. If you use your credit card, pay the balance off each month(Charge items only for your convenience)
  3. Buy in bulk, use coupons
  4. Entertain at home instead of an eating-out habit.
  5. Put some money into savings every pay period. (You didn’t make anything if you didn’t make a savings deposit.)

Let’s also pray and work together to bless our church on the journey to being debt-free.

We will honor Sunday, June 10th, as a “Sacrifice Sunday.”  This will be a day of special giving to secure the future of our church. Please join with me in giving—not an equal gift but an equal sacrifice!

You are loved,

Pastor Ralph Sexton

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