Songs of Praise

What a wonderful week at Trinity!  God has blessed our church and our families in a special way this week.  Thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy.

Tuesday night’s concert for Squire Parsons was a night to remember!  We had singing groups from all over the country, and people drove in from California to Canada.  All this love and singing to pay tribute to the life and ministry of our very own, Squire Parsons.  Truly a Song of Praise

Volunteers of Trinity were first class in every way.  Your kindness and expertise of responsibilities were second to none! Thank you for the sacrifice of time and willingness to serve others.  May God bless you and reward you for your gift of love!

Outside our church was another song in motion with the parking of cars and transporting people on golf carts. Our crew parked over 500 cars, which is unreal all by itself, and then transported all those people to the sanctuary. WOW!  That was a Song of Praisefor God keeping us safe and blessing our work as we labored together. 

Thank you for working, praying, giving and having a wonderful “can do” spirit!  You all are amazing!  What a joy to serve together!

Jubilee Choir, thank you for the extra rehearsals to make the night so special!  You also were up and down in a long program, to lift up your voices in Songs of Praise.

Thank you for loving the Lord and for blessing His faithful servant, Squire Parsons.  May your living Songs of Praise, join with Squire’s written Songs of Praise to encourage Christians all across our country.

You are loved, 

Pastor Ralph John 3:30

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