September 11th

Fifteen years ago on this day, Muzette and I were in Pennsylvania.  We had spent the night there on the way to New York City.  We were going to see the sights and have lunch in the World Trade Towers to enjoy the fabulous view.

Our trip was delayed one day and we spent an extra night in Pennsylvania, awakening there on the morning of September 11, 2001.  While we were having coffee we heard the news that America had been attacked!

Our nation would never be the same.  In the fifteen years since that day we have seen a change in the way we live our lives and our travel has changed forever.  During this same time frame we have seen the world grow more dangerous with senseless brutal attacks against our people and communities.

As it was in New York City, it was the same in Boston, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Dallas and Orlando.  The dispatchers, first responders, EMT, law enforcement and emergency trauma teams were there for each individual and family.

The crowd always runs for cover.  People look for a place of safety and a place of shelter.  The fire, rescue, police officers and paramedics rush to the site.  They run into the danger!  They place their lives at risk for people they don’t even know.

We honor the men and women of 9-1-1 today.  You are loved and respected!

Pastor and Muzette

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