Prevailing Prayer

This past week has been filled with conversations. Conversations about the powerful service with Dr. Billy Kim and conversations filled with concerns over our nation!

Dr. Kim reminded us that prayer indeed does change things.  The Korean people became desperate during the war for their survival in 1950.  They prayed for South Korea to survive and to be a free people.

They are still praying after the great prayer revival of the 70s, 80s, and 90s for God to keep them free and to save their families.

We must revisit our walk with the Lord and our personal prayer life.  The Bible states that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!

Prevailing Prayer is the price for seeing God step into our world!

Samuel Chadwick wrote:

“There is no power like that of prevailing prayer—

of Abraham pleading for Sodom,

Jacob wrestling at the midnight hour,

Moses standing in the breach,

Hannah intoxicated with sorrow,

David heartbroken with remorse and grief.”

This is the prayer that prevails!  Our families need a spiritual renewal, our churches need revival and our nation needs restoration!

May we pray together for God to grant us this burden to pray.

“Will thou not revive us again?”

Pastor Ralph

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