Praying in Wartime

Prayer is in essence the method by which christians practice and keep fellowship with God. I submit to you that if you did not pray, you don’t have a relationship with God. Saved people, regenerate people talk to God. 

Living in the pressure cooker of warfare that we live in these days, I don’t see how you can go one day and not be forced into prayer, forced into a place where you realize that you can’t do it, you don’t have the strength, you don’t have the wisdom, the stamina. I must pray. I must ask, I must tell Jesus. 

If you signed that document on Sunday and did it in all sincerity, if you truly are willing to fight for holiness, for power with God, for authority and confidence with God in this world, then you must understand the power of prayer, the importance of prayer and just how desperate you should be to pray!

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