Our Families and Our Future

Trinity Baptist is blessed with wonderful families.  We have many couples expecting babies or in the process of becoming foster parents or adopting.

Our families are our future, and great families are built upon great faith.  It is this faith that carries us through as we encounter the heartaches of life as well as the joys.  Our faith is our families’ glue.

Families bring their babies to church and together we watch them grow and mature.  Our church functions as an extended family as well as the place of worship.

We honor our graduates today.  Some have grown up in Trinity and we share in the joy and congratulate each one on their hard work!

Last Sunday, Caleigh told me she had graduated. She was so proud and happy to share her story.  I asked her, “What grade will you be going into?”  She replied, “K5!”

We have graduation excitement in our own family.  Granddaughter Lexi completed her “Stepping Up Ceremony” at Asheville Christian Academy.  She now enters into her four years of high school, while Savannah has graduated from Western Carolina with her Master’s Degree.

We have graduates from high school, some from college, and even some from post-graduate studies.

Today we will honor you all and celebrate together as a very blessed family.

Our families and our faith are our future.  May we thank the Lord together for our graduates and our church!

You are loved,

Pastor and Muzette

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