Our Christmas Faith

The foundation of our faith is built upon the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. 

If Jesus was born just like you or me, we would have no hope for salvation or for eternal life.  The virgin birth is proof that Jesus is the Son of God.

Don’t forget this fact: Jesus is not half-human and half-God. That would not help our fallen nature.  Jesus must be God presented in the flesh to illustrate the fact that we can be restored.  We can be born again!

Jesus is 100% God and 100% man.  Karen Jobes, Professor of New Testament Greek at Wheaton Graduate School, writes to the subject of Jesus Divinity and humanity.  “The Gospel writers Matthew and Luke both chose to include a genealogy of Jesus to provide a context for better understanding His identity and    significance.  …Jesus was the culmination of all God’s promises revealed in the Old Testament.  Joseph was the “legal” father of Jesus, but God was the biological father of Jesus Christ.”

It is Real!  Jesus is the reason for the season called Christmas!

Our faith is built upon the birth of Jesus Christ.

Our foundation for our faith is the fact of the virgin birth.

It is not “winter break”, it is the break in the year to remember the Birth of Jesus.

It is not the “holiday parade”, it is the Christmas Parade.

Honor your faith! Celebrate the fact Jesus is the Son of God! 


You are loved, 

 Pastor Ralph

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