November to Remember

In our recent Bible studies we have experienced revealing evidence of the power of an individual life.

As we have journeyed through the Book of Acts, we remember the influence of the Ethiopian eunuch, Saul, and Cornelius.

Our November adventure in the Word reinforces God’s provision of salvation for all people.

Acts, Chapter 8—ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH            –           PAGAN

Acts, Chapter 9—SAUL                                           –           JEW

Acts, Chapter 10—CORNELIUS                          –           GENTILE

The Word of God carries the account of the conversion of these three men.  Inside their conversion these men represent the known world at the time of Christ.  We understand the eunuch represents Africa, Saul represents the Middle East, and Cornelius represents Europe.

As we study the Bible and the lives and influences of these men, we must REMEMBER that we have influence in our day, as well.

Families will gather for Thanksgiving in a few days.  As Bible believers, we should be thankful people, every day.  God has given us so much and changed our lives.  Let’s remember to be thankful!

We should also remember that God gave each of us life, and with that life, influence.

How will I use my life, my influence?  Will I be light into someone’s world?  Can I be an encourager and not a person that discourages others?

Thanksgiving gives us all an opportunity to remember the blessings of God.

Thanksgiving also gives us an opportunity to be a friend, to be Salt & Light for someone that needs our Lord.

God could use you to make the difference in someone’s life for all eternity.

A person helped, a life changed, or a soul saved, that would be a November to Remember!

You are a blessing in my life and I am so THANKFUL FOR YOU!

You are loved,


Pastor Ralph

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